Brain games and workouts to improve cognitive skills and delay dementia


  • Games: Lumosity offers over fifty brain exercises in the form of games that were previously only available in laboratory settings. These cognitive exercises are created by scientists who ensure each game challenges specific cognitive skills of the player, and designers who ensure the games are challenging and engaging.
  • Adaptive Daily Workouts: Users complete daily workouts that challenge five core cognitive abilities, and adapt to skill levels, ensuring that the players are always challenged. These workouts keep the brain active, and are said to delay the onset of dementia.
  • Comparisons by age: Based on the scores achieved by players, Lumosity provides comparisons of the users’ performance to that of others their age.
  • Insights: Lumosity provides insights to the user based on the highest and lowest scores they achieve in the cognitive games.

How It Works

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Pricing Details

Free for a limited number of games. Full access for individuals is priced at $4/month for a year.