An Alexa skill that provides voice-driven services, such as family news, morning beacon,  and call back to make life easier for the older adults


  • Morning Beacon: Your loved one can start the day with “I’m OK”. All she needs to do is say “Alexa, ask Marvee to send I’m OK”, and a text message or email will be sent to the family caregivers in Marvee’s contact list.
  • Social Visit: Your loved one can give a shout out saying “Alexa, ask Marvee to visit me” when she wants family or friends to visit. Text messages or emails will be sent out to the people in Marvee’s contact list.
  • Call Me: If it is hard for your loved one to use a phone, she can just say “Alexa, ask Marvee to have Jade call me”. Jade (or whoever the caregiver is) will receive a text message or email saying your loved one would like to be called back.
  • Family News: Family members can submit updates on life through Marvee’s web portal or an Apple iOS app. The updates will be read to your loved one upon request.

In order to use Marvee, your loved one needs to have an Amazon Alexa-enabled device. Click HERE to find Alexa devices.

How It Works

  1. To get started, enable the Marvee skill in the Alexa app on your phone.
  2. After you enable the Skill, you’ll see “Link account”.
  3. When you tap on the “Link Account”, the Marvee login page will display for you to log in as a new user or as an existing Marvee account holder.

If you already have an account with Marvee:

  1. Tap the button that says “Link Account
  2. The Marvee Login Page will display
  3. Tap “Go to Login”
  4. Login with your user name and password. Once logged in, your account is linked with Alexa

If you do not yet have a Marvee account:

  1. Tap the button that says “Link Account
  2. The Marvee Login Page will display
  3. Click the “Set up a new account” button
  4. Enter your information, submit and you can now close the browser window.

Note: After you create your new account, you will receive both an email and text message to confirm your contact information. Please click the confirmation link, close your browser window and check your email for a Welcome email from the Marvee team.

More how-to videos are available HERE.

Pricing Details

FREE for Basic plan (supports up to 5 contacts, does not support Call Me feature)
$15/month for Premium plan (supports up to 10 contacts and all features)
$20/month for Family plan (supports up to 20 contacts and all features)