Mather LifeWays

Mather LifeWays

Mather Lifeways provides helpful, concise and important information and advice to the elderly


  • Mather’s-More than a Cafe: Mather’s cafes offer  unique ‘more than a cafe’ experience, cafes which, in addition to offering delicious meals, also offer fitness training, day trips, etc. Learn more from here.
  • Neighborhood Programs: Mathers LifeWays offers a number of fun, engaging older adult community programs, including Telephone Topics, Skokie Lunch Program and much more!
  • Residence Programs: Beyond a place to live, each Mather LifeWays senior living residence is a place where you can indulge in exploring your passions discover new ones… enjoy a community of people who share similar tastes and interests and simply look forward to looking forward.
  • Institute On Aging: Mather’s Institute on Aging offers programs empowering those professionals who impact the lives of older adults.

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