Pill dispenser with its own cellular connection for better reminders and access to the right pills at the right times


  • Many Types of Reminders: MedMinder reminds the user to take her medications first by flashing the compartment, then the pill dispenser beeps, then the user receives a phone reminder. If the user still doesn't take her medications, then all caregivers are notified via phone, email and/or text message. There are no reminders if the medications are taken on time.
  • Locked Compartments: All compartments are locked and only the specified compartment will unlock at the right time. The dosage compartments can be setup to un-lock or re-lock in wider windows, before or after the scheduled dosage, to allow more flexibility for the user.
  • Multi-week Feature: The dispenser can be filled for several weeks, depending on the number of dosages per day.
  • Custom Greetings: Caregivers can record voice messages on the MedMinder portal and the pill dispenser will play so the user will hear a familiar voice. Custom greetings can be set as medication reminders, positive feedback, or one-time personalized messages for special occasions. Caregivers can also type a personalized message that MedMinder converts to voice format.
  • Multiple Caregivers: Add as many caregivers as needed by visiting the MedMinder website and add caregiver contact details, who will then be able to set their own notifications preferences.

How It Works

Pricing Details

$59.99 per month. No Contract, No hidden fees, No Charge for the Equipment, 30 day Money Back Guarantee, Free Shipping. MedMinder offers three other models. You can find them here.

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