Build a collaborative interactive timeline around the life story of your loved one through MemoryWell’s digital storytelling platform


  • Robust Service: MemoryWell produces beautiful life stories written by a network of professional journalists. The process involves sending a few photos, followed by a simple phone interview lasting less than an hour. The result is a hand-crafted story of 500-700 words.
  • Community Building: MemoryWell is a service that can be used to build connections between seniors in care facilities. Residents' families can read each other's stories and begin to form community where little currently exists. These stories are posted on a simple-to-use online platform and are also printable so anyone who meets the residents can immediately learn their stories.
  • Customizable Content: Once a story has been written, users will have a chance to edit and change it to match their exact specifications. They can also choose to keep it completely private or make it public and share with family and friends

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$299 per account

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