MyndYou uses the best of today’s intelligent technologies to support and upgrade the professional practice of therapists working with senior adults


  • App based Monitoring: Your client’s data is collected continuously and passively without interfering with his or her daily routine.
  • Frequent Alerts: Receive alerts from the platform between your calls regarding significant changes in your client’s cognitive functioning. These alerts allow you to keep track of your client’s status and enable you to act before something severe happens.
  • Dynamic Management System: The platform includes intake forms, document uploading, and a reporting system, all saved under a HIPAA compliant system. Smart communication with family members and caregivers through the platform is documented and organized, closing your client’s loop of care.
  • Cognitive Training Sets: As part of our platform, MyndYou provides you with a pool of phone-suitable exercises for your use with your clients. All exercises are created by experienced care professionals and classified according to cognitive skills, helping you individualize your care to your client’s specific needs. The pool is constantly being updated and you’ll be able to contribute and add tasks of your own.

How It Works

  1. Multiple cognitive function markers, including voice, driving, and movement are collected passively through day-to-day activities.  
  2. The proprietary analytic assessment tools generate personalized care "maps" for each client with actionable insights that allow therapists and care providers to identify subtle changes in cognition and take effective action.? Care providers are alerted to cognitive trends and anomalies to better understand the cognitive status of their client.
  3. Care providers utilize our web-based platform to perform regular call sessions with clients in their natural home environments. The analytics-driven insights and trends presented to care providers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each interaction.
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Pricing Details

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