Netatmo Welcome

Netatmo Welcome

Indoor camera that can recognize your loved ones


  • Face Recognition: This camera can recognize your loved ones with their faces. You can also add frequent visitors, such as homecare personnel to the list of familiar people such that when they visit your loved one, you are immediately notified.
  • Intruder Alert: The Netatmo Welcome smartphone app immediately alerts you if an unknown face (potential intruder) is detected in the home with a picture of the person's face and a short video recording.
  • Hears Alarms: When the device hears an alarm, whether it be a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, security alarm or siren, it sends a notification with a video recording.
  • Privacy Protection: This device has the option to disable video recording and notifications for familiar faces.
  • Prevent False Alerts Caused by Pet's Movements: Pet detection technology enables you to ignore motion alerts caused by the pets. It will only notify when a real intrusion occurs. Alternatively, you can choose to enable those alerts to check on the pets.

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