Provides real-time data that allows for continuous monitoring of patient health, thus helping reduce hospital admissions to higher levels of care or ER visits


  • Predictive Analytics: Advanced rules-based algorithms enable notifications not only when thresholds are reached, but also when concerning trends are detected. Ability to adjust threshold levels and rules per population, per data feed, and per patient/resident provides unparalleled staff and caregiver support.
  • Real-time alerts: Real-time alerts help staff and caregivers detect and prevent falls, detect wandering, and help monitor issues such as side effects to medications, urinary tract infections, sleep apnea, depression, and dehydration.
  • Behavioral Monitoring: The smart sensor technology yields data showing changes in behavior (or missing of behaviors) that signal physiological changes. These behavioral changes can reflect medication adherence and significant activity levels in eating, fluid intake, sleeping, toileting, and socialization patterns
  • Early Detection: Nonnatech's proprietary data sets and machine learning models provide actionable insight to improve medication adherence, reduce falls and enable the early detection of health conditions. These insights create a pathway to early intervention, cost containment, and a reduction in emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and admissions into higher levels of care.
  • Passive Action:  Unlike platforms requiring the use of wearable sensors to monitor patients, the Nonnatech platform uses non-invasive sensors, enabling the passive monitoring of patients. Nonnatech’s platform passively collects patient data from unobtrusive sensors and continually runs the data through a health deterioration model that enables the identification of a person potentially at risk of hospitalization

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