Notion Multipurpose Smart Home Sensor

Notion Multipurpose Smart Home Sensor

Multipurpose home monitoring sensor to track open doors and windows, temperature, water leak and smoke alarm


  • Monitor Doors: Track use of doors whenever they are opened or closed. It can be used for front door, garage door, refrigerator, pantry, cabinets, closets and all other kind of doors.
  • Monitor Windows: Place the sensor directly on the glass and the Notion app will alert you if the window is open. It can be used on sliding windows, hinged windows and multi-pane windows.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Due to its small size, the Notion sensor can be placed anywhere you want to monitor temperature.
  • Water Leaks: The sensor can be used anywhere where water leak is a potential issue, such as water heater, toilet, sink and shower.
  • Hears Alarms: The Notion app can alert you the moment a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm sounds.

How It Works

Find all relevant details on how the Notion sensor works HERE.

Pricing Details

$219 for 3 sensor + 1 bridge, $299 for 5 sensors + 1 bridge, $49 for 1 additional sensor or $139 for 3 additional sensors