Monitor your loved one’s medical data, health and phone calls from anywhere



  • Wireless pendant tracks vitals: The device comes with a wireless pendant that tracks your loved one’s health and sends alerts to multiple family members if an emergency is detected.
  • Monitors data from medical devices: OnKöl connects through Bluetooth or a USB cable to multiple medical devices. It collects and stores the data from these devices, and communicates them to you and those you authorize in real time.
  • Medication reminders and alerts: The device can be programmed to give your loved one regular medication reminders, and alert family when the dosage is either taken or missed. It can also connect to pill boxes to track medication.

  • Tracks phone calls: The device uses Caller ID to keep those authorized aware of the phone calls your loved one receive.

How It Works

OnKöl is connected as soon as it is plugged into your loved one’s home. It uses Bluetooth and USB cables to connect to your loved one’s medical devices or telephones. It alerts all those you authorise through text message and email with your loved  one’s medical data and phone call information.

Pricing Details

$299 for the device and wireless pendant, and a $29 monthly fee.