Therapeutic seal robot designed to bring comfort, companionship and fun to seniors


  • Sensory Behavior: Paro has five kinds of sensors: tactile, light, audition, temperature, and posture sensors, with which it can perceive people and its environment. With the light sensor, Paro can recognize light and dark. It feels being stroked and beaten by tactile sensor or being held by the posture sensor. Paro can also recognize the direction of voice and words such as its name, greetings, and praise with its audio sensor.
  • Lifelike: By interaction with people, Paro responds as if it is alive, moving its head and legs, making sounds, and showing your preferred behavior. Paro also imitates the voice of a real baby harp seal. Paro has a diurnal rhythm of morning, daytime, and night. For example, Paro is active during the daytime but gets sleepy at night
  • Learning Mechanism: Paro learns, just like a normal animal does, through repetition. It can learn to behave in a way that the user prefers, and to respond to its new name. For example, if you stroke it every time you touch it, it will remember your previous action and try to repeat that action to be stroked. If you hit it, it remembers its previous action and tries not to do that action.

How It Works

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