Online grocery delivery service that delivers hand selected groceries from their own warehouse


  • Filter Products: While browsing through the products, use filters to see the products that meet your needs, whether you’re looking for dairy-free cereal or peanut-free snacks.
  • Sort Products: Find products with the best price, to meet your loved one's dietary needs, and even see which products are most popular.
  • Auto-Fill Cart: Auto-fill your cart with the items you buy most frequently.
  • Express ShopGo to Express Shopping menu and type your list of items needed; click Start Shopping and the products matching your first item will be displayed.
  • Past PurchasesPeapod keeps a history of your past purchases. You can use this information while placing your future orders.
Peapod serves 24 cities in the US east coast. Check if your city if served by Peapod on their website.

How It Works

Sign up on Peapod's app or website and follow the steps given HERE.

Pricing Details

Minimum order size: $60. Delivery fee is calculated based on the amount you order: 9.95 for $60-$75 order $7.95 for $75-$100 order $6.95 for $100 and up order Additional charges and sales tax may apply in certain areas. 60-day FREE delivery for new customers.

Phone Number