Philips HomeSafe

Philips HomeSafe

Home medical alert system from Philips with cellular connection


  • 24/7 Monitoring via Cellular Network:┬áThe HomeSafe medical alert system does not require a landline. Its base station (also called the in-home communicator) uses a cellular network to provide 24/7 protection.
  • HomeSafe Button:┬áThe HomeSafe Button is waterproof and can be worn either as a pendent or a wristband in and around the home. Pushing the button connects your loved to the Lifeline Response Center for assistance.
  • In-Home Communicator: When the HomeSafe button is pressed, the Communicator works like a speaker-phone and speed-dials the Lifeline Response Center for direct communication with an associate who is ready to help. It amplifies sounds so that your loved one can hear and be heard through out the home.

Pricing Details

$41.95/month. HomeSafe has a different model that requires landline connection and costs $29.95/month.

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