Philips Medication Dispenser

Philips Medication Dispenser

Automatic medication dispensing service from Philips with reminder alerts


  • Flexible Dispensing: The Philips Medication Dispenser can dispense up to 60 cups of pre-filled medication. It can accommodate 1 to 40 days of medicine and holds up to 6 doses per day.
  • Reminder Alerts: This dispenser can be programmed to alert your loved one with instructions on how to take the medications. You can also set reminders for non-pill medication..
  • On Demand Medication: It can be programmed for PRN (on demand) medications.
  • Caregiver Alerts: The dispenser is connected to a landline and tracks its usage. Thus, it can provide alerts to the caregiver regarding number of missed doses, reminder when medication doses need refiling, and dispenser errors.

How It Works

Watch the demo video given above or follow the instructions provided HERE by clicking on the “How it Works” navigation menu.

Pricing Details