Robot with facial recognition and voice interface that tracks and stores medication, records reminders, schedules and health data, and can make video calls



  • Pill storage and dispensing: Pillo stores the user’s pills and dispenses them at the appropriate time for intake. If medication stocks are running low, Pillo can reorder medicine for the user. 
  • Reminders and alerts: Through voice assistance, the Pillo robot can remind older adults to take their medication at the correct times. If medication is missed, Pillo can be programmed to alert registered family or caregivers through text message. Other reminders, as well as a customized schedule can also be programmed into the robot.

  • Voice interface: Pillo operates through a voice interface, and can both receive voice commands, as well as communicate through automated speaker with users.

  • Multiple users through Facial recognition: The high definition camera built into the robot allows for facial recognition, allowing for Pillo to recognize and coordinate the medication and other reminders for multiple people individually.

  • Video Calls: Pillo can make video calls to saved contacts through the built-in high definition camera. These calls can be made by older adults through voice commands without having to operate through buttons or screens.

  • Health related questions: Pillo can use its voice interface to answer questions regarding health, food and medication.

  • Bluetooth and Wifi syncing: Pillo can synchronize with several other devices, providing users with a uniform platform on which all healthcare data can be stored.

How It Works

Pillo comes with an installation guide and a video tutorial upon launching. Users will also need to set up an account with the Pillo app on their mobile phones to use the robot.

Pricing Details

$599. Join the Pillo waitlist to receive updates about discounts when the product is launched.