Smart, portable blood pressure monitor that connects wirelessly with your phone


  • Detect Irregular Heartbeat: Qardio app can automatically detect and record irregular heartbeat of your loved one and this can help you in being better aware of her heart health.
  • Accurate Measurement: Qardio automatically takes 3 successive measurements and averages them to give more accurate blood pressure and heart rate readings.
  • Helps Interpreting the Results: The phone app keeps the history of the measurements and helps in interpreting the results. It also sends a notification if you need to consult a doctor regarding your loved one's health.
  • Data Sharing: The app can be set to share the data automatically with you so that you can keep a track of the reading every time your loved one takes the measurement.
  • Set Reminders: Reminders can be set through the app to take blood pressure measurements regularly and on time.
  • Compatible with Other Fitness Apps: Works with Google Fit, Samsung Health, My Fitness Pal, and Apple Health.

How It Works

Find the instructions HERE.

Pricing Details

Starts from $99.99. 60-day free trial, free shipping, 3 year warranty.