Rapael ComCog

Rapael ComCog

Cognitive rehabilitation program that helps people with stroke, dementia, traumatic brain injury, brain tumors and cerebral palsy so that they can benefit from brain activation and dementia prevention


  • Attention training: The training includes games such as the ‘Finding sounds’ in which patients respond to the sounds of various animals, the ‘Finding different rabbit’ in which patients find something different from others and the ‘Finding expression’ in which patients distinguish pleasant facial expressions.
  • Memory training: The training games include the ‘Link name’ to link a word and image, the ‘Remember number’ to memorize numbers in order, and the ‘Playing keys’ to listen to piano sound and find right notes.
  • Single vs 30 minute training session: It is divided into the ‘single training’ and the ‘session training’. In the single training, a game is selected and played while a number of games are combined and played for about 30 minutes in the session training. In addition, a therapist can create a session.
  • Automatic algorithmic level control: The advanced difficulty level is composed of a maximum of 16 levels, and the difficulty level is automatically adjusted by the algorithm according to the average response time and the result of game training. As the difficulty level of the game increases, more detailed training is required for color distinction, position distinction and so on. As the game becomes increasingly difficult or easier during the training, it is possible to provide a patient-tailored training in real time suiting the unique situation of the patient.
  • Checkable results: The results of the patient’s training can be checked directly by objective data. You can view the training time, the number of reactions, the accuracy, the reaction time, etc. in detailed data by the desired date. Because individual training results and comprehensive results for each training purpose are provided, therapists, patients, and caregivers can easily understand and systematically manage rehabilitation of the patients.
  • Intuitive usage technique: NEOFECT makes all the operations possible through the touchscreen to ensure that the therapist and the patient can perform the training more intuitively. It is possible to use ‘Difficulty Level and Stop Training’ by using widget even during the rehabilitation training.
Might be only for sale in Korea as of now.

Pricing Details

Please contact Neofect at contact.us@neofect.com mentioning your city and state to know more.

Phone Number

+1 (650) 285-2422