Reminder Rosie

Reminder Rosie

Personalized, voice controlled reminder system


  • Voice Control: One can interact with Reminder Rosie using voice without the need to fiddle with the buttons.
  • Custom Reminders: Reminders can be programmed in any language to provide familiarity and to improve task completion.
  • Multiple Reminders: You can record up to 25 reminders for everyday, weekly or any date. Review the day's reminders with a simple voice command.
  • Emergency Backup System: Rosie will work even during power outages. Rosie will maintain its daily reminders and all other critical features.

How It Works

Pricing Details

$119.95 Reminder Rosie is fully subsidized by the following agencies:
  • USA Veterans Administration: Available through VA Medical Centers under 'Medical Appropriations'.
  • CANADA Veterans Associations: Available by recommendation from any Healthcare Practitioner as a Signalling Device/Clock #320413.