Rested is an online service which offers consultation and treatment for patients suffering from sleep apnea


  • User Friendly And Interactive Platform: The Rested platform, using the interactive ‘sleep quiz’ helps you decide and find for yourself whether you have sleep apnea and/or symptoms of it and thus helps you come to terms with the disease.
  • Offering Medical Consultation: Once the test has been completed, Rested offers you the facility of medical consultation from within the comfort of your home through a video call with a sleep physician.
  • Custom Treatment Options: Rested, with its group of highly trained specialists, helps you choose the health plan (and the CPAP device) which is best for you and your specific needs.
  • Subsequent Subjective Analysis: Once the data filled CPAP is sent to Rested for analysis, its physicians will go over the results and suggest the medical treatment best suited for you.

How It Works

  1. Take an Online Sleep Test: Take the sleep quiz and a team member will call you to schedule your appointment.
  2. Have a Video Call with a Sleep Physician: A sleep doctor will learn about your sleep issues and determine if a home sleep test is right for you.
  3. Receive and Sleep with the Sleeping Device for One Night: An FDA-cleared sleep test is shipped directly to you with easy instructions.
  4. Send it Back and have a full analysis sent to you from Rested.

Pricing Details

Please contact Rested for pricing details.