Network of private caregiver homes providing an alternative to institutional assisted living. Suitable for people willing to share their home and provide care, and seniors who want to find care


Caregivers Willing to Share An Extra Room:

  • Share Room: If you, the caregiver, have some space, time, ability and desire, you can share a room with a senior who needs care and earn money doing it.
  • Provide As Much Care As You Can: Decide how much care you can provide, short-term and long-term. Room2Care will match you with someone who needs that amount of care.
  • Watch this video to learn about setting up Room2Care’s My Care Kiosk.

Seniors Seeking Care:

  • Find Care: Seniors who want to stay in their own homes and need someone to check on them occasionally, help keep them organized, and help with basic things.
  • Pay for Services You Want: Only select the services you want; don’t pay for what you don’t need. Customize your care arrangement. Room2Care  provide the tools necessary to organize and manage your care.
  • Watch this video to learn about setting up Room2Care’s My Care Commander.

How It Works

Room2Care has provided a detailed how-it-works guide. Check it out here. Also, watch this video:

Pricing Details

Room2Care takes a percentage of the rent caregivers receive for the providing care and for some services Room2Care provides to people seeking care.