Safe in Home

Safe in Home

Sensors to monitor loved one’s daily activities, indoor movements, medication and detect emergency situations


  • Track indoor movements: Multiple sensors track your loved one’s presence within each room. If lack of activity or motion is detected, alerts are sent to the phones of all those authorised.
  • Track open doors or stove left on: Sensors track if doors are opened, or left open, and temperature sensors track if the stove has been left on. Any unusual activity is alerted to your phone.
  • Monitor medication intake: An electric pillbox keeps track of your loved one’s medication intake and alerts those authorized if doses are missed.
  • Program the device to learn routines: Your loved one’s routine can be programmed into the application to train the sensors detect unusual activity, such as a delay in waking up, or not going out for a walk at the scheduled time.

How It Works

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