Sense Silver Mother

Sense Silver Mother

Comprehensive elderly monitoring solution for daily activities, medication reminders, sleep tracking, hydration management, temperature monitoring and more.


  • Monitor Daily Activities: Place a sensor on frequently used objects like fridge door, coffee machine, or TV remote to record living patterns. View activity history remotely and get alerts if something is missed.
  • Get Medication Reminder: Attach a sensor to any pill container or dispenser. Receive alerts and create reports for professional caregivers.
  • Observe Sleep Quality: Place a sensor on your loved ones' mattress to record sleep times and quality. Both under-sleeping and over-sleeping can reveal long term health issues that can be shared with a doctor.
  • Check Water Drinking Habits: Attach a sensor to a bottle or pitcher your loved ones use to drink throughout the day. Drinking frequency and volumes are recorded and displayed on your Pocket Mother smartphone app dashboard.
  • Track the Front Door: Adding a sensor to the front door detects openings and allows you to track comings and goings. Receive alerts when your loved ones leave the house alone or at unplanned times.
  • Record Temperature: Place sensors around the house and track trends to make home more comfortable and energy efficient.
  • Prevent Health Deterioration: Access the secure dashboard on the web or on the Pocket Mother app. The graphs on the dashboard let you monitor behavior changes over time and let you detect signs of deterioration. Weekly summaries can be sent by email to doctors, family members and other care providers.

Pricing Details

$299 for a Mother hub and 4 Cookies