Virtual assistant connecting seniors to healthcare professionals


  • Symptom Triage: Powered by industry-leading clinical content algorithms, members can interact with a virtual health assistant. Navigation to self care or in-network services is then completed. Beyond episodic care, Sensely also offers complete remote monitoring, with support for the most common and highest cost conditions
  • Service Locator: Local service discovery doesn’t have to be complicated. Using the search tool, health plan members can easily find in-network treatment options, increasing satisfaction and reducing leakage.
  • Self Care: Improved access to health information and wellness resources allows your members get the care and advice that is most appropriate for the unique situation they are experiencing.
  • Virtual Assistant: Sensely’s virtual assistant is Molly who listens to a user and delivers an appropriate response with dynamically generated speech, creating a highly personalized lifelike experience.Members can also send images back to Molly, allowing for intelligent routing back to the member services team. A text chat mode is available, allowing for a more private experience.

How It Works

Pricing Details

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