All-in-one home monitoring solution and home dashboard


  • Watch Live: Sentri's camera lets you keep an eye on your loved one and her home from anywhere using the Sentri phone app.
  • Motion Sensing: Sentri senses motion and can record a short video clip when the motion happens. The videos are saved for 12 hours. Accessing videos beyond 12 hours is part of a paid plan.
  • Check Home Vitals: Sentri comes with embedded sensors that helps in keeping track of the temperature, humidity and air quality of your loved one's home.
  • Dashboard for the Home: It has a touchscreen control that can be used to control other smart home devices such as the Nest Thermostat, Philips Hue lights, Wemo smart plug, etc. and also check the weather and play back videos.

How It Works

Find out everything about setting up the device and how it works HERE.

Pricing Details

$299 Monthly subscription for storing videos: 7 days: $9.99 30 days: $19.99 1 year: $99.99 Forever: $299.99