Bill paying service for the elderly


  • Reduces hassle: You no longer need to be the one to open bills, write checks or keep track of due dates.
  • No forgetfulness-caused problems: You will never receive late fees, lose vital services like heat or hot water, or risk eviction or foreclosure because you forgot to deal with financial issues.
  • Monthly statement: You receive one monthly statement showing that your bills have been paid.
  • Ensure correct payment: Receive, scrutinize and ensure that your bills are paid correctly.

How It Works

  1. Contact SilverBills, and SilverBills will mail you an enrollment packet.
  2. Send bills and one voided check to SilverBills in postage prepaid envelope.
  3. SilverBills receives envelope and converts bills to e-bills.
  4. You receive one monthly statement in the mail showing your bills have been paid.

Pricing Details

Depends on service rendered

Phone Number

+1 8666534427