An interactive news and social forum for those in and over their 50s


  • One-Stop Website For All Kinds Of Older Adult Information: Silversurfers offers a unique ‘one-stop’ quality whereby you, as an older adult, can get all kinds of different news, information and offers within the ambit of a single website.
  • Articles: Articles ranging from ‘culture’, ‘food’ and ‘property’ to ‘nostalgia’ are all available in this section.
  • Community Feature: The Community feature of Silversurfers helps to integrate you into a like-minded group based on trust and friendship. Enjoy chats, forum discussions and much more.
  • Best Of The Web: This ingenious mechanism allows to view all top rated, meaningful and helpful articles posted in the internet from time to time. These may be in the form of other website links, blog links or otherwise, and cover a range of topics such a travel destinations, insurance policies and much more.

How It Works

You can avail all the said features just by visiting the Silversurfers website.

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