Senior activity program and an app App to turn music into medicine with regular singing


  • Works for those with dementia/vision issues: Patented iPad app with unique Lyric Coach system enables even those with dementia and vision impairments to sing and record their favorite songs.The Lyric Coach prompts the words of the song to singers right before they need to be sung.
  • Physical movement and socialization: Crafted to promote physical movement and socialization as well as singing.
  • Ongoing support: Ongoing support means that the SingFit PRIME program can be used to address the goals and challenges of individual communities and residents.
  • New playlists every quarter: Twelve new playlists a quarter mean that no one using SingFit PRIME is going to get bored.

How It Works

Pricing Details

  • SingFit App: $4.99 (subscription purchase)
  • SingFit PRIME: Depends on the program. Contact SingFit for details.

Phone Number

+1 323 677-2575