SMART Brain Aging

SMART Brain Aging

In-clinic and virtual training to prevent or lessen the effects of dementia


  • In-clinic training with coaches: SMART Brain training therapy to lessen the effects of dementia or cognitive decline with caregivers and SMART coaches are held in multiple clinics in the SouthWest. These clinic services are covered by Medicare and most commercial insurances.
  • Sessions to exercise brain: In-clinic users are offered three sessions a year of brain training exercises that last for eight weeks. The exercises are said to slow down the decay of nerves in the brain.
  • Online exercises: For those who do not have access to clinics, online programs to prevent cognitive decline allow virtual training and exercises, and allow users to interact with fellow users.

How It Works

Pricing Details

For online training: $9.99/month for a yearly subscription, and $12.99/month for a monthly subscription. For in-clinic training: Contact Smart Brain Ageing for details.

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