SureMed blister cards package all your required medications together and help you take your dosage correctly


For Caregivers and Older Adults:
  • Convenient And Easy System: SureMed is not only a convenient alternative to filling and refilling pill boxes, it’s easy-to-follow system allows you to eliminate the possibility of mixed and/or double doses.
  • At-a-Glance View: Each integrated compartment, being transparent shows at-a-glance whether all the medicines were taken or not.
  • Pre-Sorted and Packaged by Dosage and Time of Day: SureMed blister cards carry your required medication pre-sorted and packaged based on your intensity of dosage and is also arranged by time of day.
For Care Providers: By following this link, you can view/download the SureMed product and marketing catalog which encompasses all its market features.

How It Works

For Caregivers/ Older Adults:
  • To find a pharmacy near you which offers the SureMed facility, click here. If you don’t find any and still want to contact Omnicell, click here.
  • Once you find the pharmacy nearest to you offering SureMed facilities, visit the concerned pharmacy with your prescription.
  • Receive your customised dosage in your own SureMed blister card. It’s that simple!
  • The blister cards also contain important information about each medicine which forms a part of your dosage.
For Care Providers: By following this link, you will be able to view all the SureMed products that care providers can purchase. You can choose between a wide array of different products such as Multimed Adherence Packaging, Blister Cards-Heat Seals, Accessories, Marketing Equipment, etc.

Pricing Details

Please contact SureMed by Omnicell for pricing information here.