The Freebird Club

The Freebird Club

International peer-to-peer travel club for over 50’s, freebird hosts can make their spare rooms available to fellow members based on a nightly rate


  • Guest Travel: If a user wishes to travel and be a Freebird guest, they can search for places they would like to visit and find a selection of Freebird hosts with whom they could stay. Then it is a case of finding the most suitable host and accommodation for the trip. They can contact hosts directly in order to find out more information or to request a booking
  • Hosting a Fellow Freebird: Once a user is an approved Freebird member, they can list your available accommodation by clicking on the "Become a Host" button on the top left of the page. Then, they can upload photos of the home (and local area) and provide some standard information about available accommodation and the price per night
  • Reliability: To travel or host via Freebird, a user first has to become an approved member of The Freebird Club. There is a once-off Joining Fee of €25 which helps cover the costs of vetting and approving members. This 'pay-to-join' membership model also serves to ensure that only genuinely interested people, who subscribe to the Freebird ethos, will go on to join the Club. This enhances the sense of trust, community and security, which is so important for our membership.

How It Works

Pricing Details

There is a joining fee of €25 (US$31) which is a once-off charge.