Tile Mate

Tile Mate

Tiny device that can be attached to any object to track its location



  • Ring the Lost Object: The Tile app can be used to ring the Tile when its nearby, but out of sight. Listen for the Tile once its ringing.
  • See Where it was Left Last: The Tile app remembers the last time it saw the Tile. Use the map on the app to find the Tile's last known location.
  • Find Phone: Double press the button on any of the Tile devices to make the phone ring even on silent mode.
  • Find Misplaced Objects: If an object is misplaced and cannot be found by ringing it or looking up its location on the app, ask to be notified using the "Notify when Found" feature on the app. When any user in Tile's global network comes within the range of the missing object, the Tile app will send an alert with the most recent location.

Pricing Details

$19.49 for 1-pack, $49.95 for 4-pack