TowerView Health

TowerView Health

Medication delivery system that delivers a user’s medication presorted by dose


  • Medication Delivery: Each user’s medications will come presorted by dose and ready for pickup or delivery by a personal assistant who will arrange with a local pharmacy to review and sort these by dose.
  • Smart Pillbox: Available with the Premium package, the Smart Pillbox keeps a user’s meds organized, and reminds the user if they miss a dose with on-box lights and sounds, texts, phone, and email reminders
  • Reliability and security: A user’s personal and health information is secure and the service is HIPAA compliant. TowerView will not share user information with outside parties and will only use it in relation to their care. Further, each tray is checked by a pharmacist before mailing. The pharmacist checks to make sure the medications are in the right dose, on the right day, and at the right time, and that there are no interactions

How It Works

Pricing Details

Presorted medication trays: Free, with standard copay Medication tray + Pillbox: $14.99 per month, with standard copay

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