Smart pill box that uses Bluetooth connectivity to track medication intake, and send reminders and alert to caregivers


  • Stores medication: Tricella can store a full week’s sorted pills, and has extra large capacity drawers for bigger doses.
  • Alerts and reminders: Through Bluetooth connectivity, the pillbox tracks users’ medication intake, and sends mobile phone or tablet reminders to users at the prescribed time of intake. Multiple sensors in the pillbox track exactly which pill is being consumed or missed. If a dosage is missed, Tricella can send alerts to your registered team of family or caregivers through their mobile phones.
  • Multiple pillboxes: A single Tricella account can synchronise with multiple pillboxes with dosages set at varying times, for users who have a number of medication requirements.
  • Tracking adherence history: Users and members of the care team can view the user’s adherence history on a calendar to track their pattern of medication intake through Tricella.

How It Works

Pricing Details

One pillbox is priced at $74.99. A set of two pillboxes can be purchased together at $149.98.