Investment and financial advice and support for seniors and retirees.


  • Personalised investment plan: TrueLink takes into account users’ age, health, available funds, savings, preferences and various other details to generate a personalised investment plan.
  • Portfolio of products and services: Using all collected details, TrueLink generates for the user a portfolio of insurance products, bond ladders and services best suited to the investment.
  • Implementation support: TrueLink advisors offer their financial experience to the user to provide support, resources and advice to the user in implementing the investment plan. This involves help with adjusting investments and planning, handling taxes, and providing useful softwares that TrueLink provides for users. 
  • Other financial help: TrueLink also offers expert assistance with items beyond investment, such as pensions, social security, long-term care and 401(k)s.

How It Works

  1. TrueLink takes into account all relevant data from the user, and prepares a customised investment plan and porfolio with their online planning tool.
  2. If the user wishes to continue with the investment with TrueLink as their partner, a TrueLink advisor offers support and resources to help the user with their plan.
Watch this video on how to sign up for TrueLink.

Pricing Details

Generating an investment plan is free. Advisory support is priced at 0.87% for accounts with $100000+, and $1000 for other accounts.

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