Non-intrusive smart home monitoring system that tracks daily activities of your loved ones and gives you peace of mind when you are not around


  • Daily Activity Tracker: Using motion, contact and leak detection sensors, TruSense can detect daily activities of your loved ones. You can choose to set custom notifications (text messages, e-mail or automated phone calls) for specific events such as, if your loved one has stayed too long in one room, if she started her day normally or if there is a water leak in the house.
  • Fall Detection: Using the motion sensor, TruSense can detect a probable fall by creating an alert if your loved one has not moved from a high-risk fall area such as stairwell or restroom for an unusually long time.
  • At Home or Away From Home: Motion sensors and contact sensors affixed to exterior doors detect when your loved one has left or returned home.
  • Voice Commands: TruSense kit comes with an Amazon Echo Dot that enables your loved ones to use voice commands for daily activities like turn on or turn off the lights or call someone in case of an emergency such as fall.
  • Smart Outlet: Combined with Amazon Echo Dot, a smart outlet can use voice activated controls to turn on or turn off a lamp. This can prevent falls due to dark or dim lighting.
  • GPS Devices: A GPS tracker such as a pendant, a vehicle tracker or a GPS SmartSole device can be included with your sensor package to track your loved ones outside the home. You can set custom alerts for current location of your loved ones or if the vehicle is out of a geographic perimeter that you defined using TruSense.
  • 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Center: TruSense has a 24/7 Emergency Monitoring center that can dispatch help immediately if requested in case of an emergency.

How It Works

Find all how-to related instructions and videos HERE.

Pricing Details

Starter kit : $299. Includes 4 motion sensors, 1 contact sensor, 1 smart outlet, 1 Amazon Echo Dot, 1 hub.  Subscription fees:
  • 1-month: $39
  • 3-month: $105
  • 12-month: $319
Trial period: 60 days; cancel anytime with no cancellation fees. Additional sensors can be ordered along with the starter kit. It will not increase the TruSense monthly fee unless otherwise stated.
  • Motion sensors: $39 each
  • Contact sensors: $39 each
  • Amazon Echo Dots: $49 each
  • Smart outlets: $54 each
  • Leak detectors: $39 each
  • GPS pendant: $129 each + $10 per month increase in monthly fee
  • Vehicle tracker: $149 each + $10 per month increase in monthly fee
  • GPS SmartSole: $249 each + $10 per month increase in monthly fee

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