UnaliWear Kanega Watch

UnaliWear Kanega Watch

Self-contained watch with mobile GPS medical alert system that also functions as a companion for seniors out and about



  • All-in-one device: In addition to providing the time and date information, the Kanega watch contains cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS communications, continuous speech recognition, and a 9-axis accelerometer for fall detection.  Kanega handles all daily intelligence for providing an unobtrusive continuous welfare check. The display includes lighting for use at night. Kanega also includes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, also called Bluetooth Smart) communications, which allows wearers with the newest generation of hearing aids that include BLE to have their watch speak only into their hearing aids, never out loud.  BLE also allows the watch to serve as the communications gateway for home telemedicine devices
  • Voice Controlled for Ease of Use: The device is completely hands-free and has no buttons to press – the user can simply speak to it by its name, and it speaks back.
  • Discreet & Stylish: It looks like a traditional watch, not a medical device. Thus, a user can wear the Kanega watch with confidence wherever they go.
  • On-call Emergency Assistance: Voice activated assistance will connect a user directly to an operator who will confirm emergency assistance should be dispatched to the location. If a user activates help and doesn’t respond immediately, the operator will call the user’s emergency contacts first or dispatch local medical assistance immediately, depending on the preferences set. The Kanega watch can also be set up to call emergency contacts and/or dispatch emergency services if it detects that a user may be in trouble. UnaliWear relies on a number of factors such as fall detection and long periods of immobility during the day combined with a lack of response from the user if the watch asks if they need help.

How It Works

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiw8N4zM4Xo For a complete demonstration, check out some Wearer-to-Watch Scenarios and some Watch-to-Wearer Scenarios here

Pricing Details

Monthly subscription: $59.95, plus a $50 one-time installation fee Quarterly subscription: $164.85, plus a $50 one-time installation fee Annual subscription:$599.40, plus a $50 one-time installation fee   US Veterans save an additional 10%.

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