United Income

United Income

Service that provides customized financial advice, budgeting and expenditure planning for retirement



  • Financial Withdrawal Plan: United Income integrates into their software the US federal tax code, clients’ asset types, balance plans and other preferences to generate a united withdrawal plan that covers all the client’s financial accounts. This plan aids in stretching out the client’s savings over longer periods of time.
  • Financial Advice: United Income offers advice and guidance regarding the right bank accounts to spend from, where to invest assets, reducing taxes and legacy planning. Investment planning and management is personalized, and integrated with the client’s health expenses and changing priorities.
  • Budgeting: United Income provides clients with a personalized spending plan that is based on data regarding their health, the market, and the client’s retirement dreams and goals. The financial plans are regularly updated based on surrounding economic shifts.
  • Health Spending Plan: United Income provides members with customized health spending plans that incorporate projections of long-term health expenses and changes in health-care spending with time.
  • United Income Paycheck: The United Income Paycheck calculates required monthly withdrawals on the basis of their financial goals and plans, and then deposits the appropriate amount into the client’s bank account. The service completes all minimum required distributions according to federal tax law and either completes withdrawals, or offers guidance on these withdrawals to members.
  • Concierge: United Income provides concierges who assist members in tracking down forgotten information, enrolling in social security benefits, withdraw from 401(k) plans and other paperwork oriented tasks.

How It Works

Sign up for United Income on their website. Find more details for the services here.

Pricing Details

Financial Planning and Social Security advice is free. Additional investment management, technical support and the United Income Paycheck are priced at 0.5% of account balance. Full features are available at 0.8% of account balance.

Phone Number

+1 855-215-3032