Vivor empowers healthcare providers to connect patients with the financial resources they deserve


For Patients:

  • You may be paying out of your own pocket for expenses that could be covered by underused financial assistance programs. Vivor’s cloud-based platform enables your provider to find these resources and save you money

For Providers:

  • Reduce bad debt: With collection rates declining, it’s more important than ever to reduce patient balances before sending a bill. Vivor uncovers additional payers for underinsured patients on high-cost therapies.
  • Improve patient experience: High out-of-pocket costs lead to financial toxicity that negatively impacts adherence and outcomes. Vivor empowers you and your staff to do the right thing for patients by connecting them with the resources they deserve.

For Industry:

  • Trusted sources: Vivor matches patients to financial assistance based on a documented diagnosis and prescribed treatment plan. The results are comprehensive and real-time, covering every nationally available manufacturer and foundation resource.
  • Transforming provider experience: With optional EHR integration, Vivor helps even the largest health systems to proactively identify financial resources for their patients. By partnering with leading sponsors of assistance programs, we’re making it one-click simple to enroll every eligible patient.

How It Works

Vivor’s technology tells the provider exactly which programs are available for a patient’s unique profile. Vivor also discloses eligibility rules, which may include income limits or US residency requirements.

Pricing Details

Care providers bear the cost of Vivor. The cost is dependent on the number of patients the provider wants to support.
  • 0-200 annual patients: $550/month
  • 201-500 annual patients: $950/month
  • 501-1000 annual patient: $1300/month
  • 1000+ annual patients: contact Vivor for pricing
The pricing given above is subject to annual commitment.