An automated conversational agent (chatbot) that helps you monitor mood and learn about yourself



  • Chat Like a Friend: Although Woebot is a piece of software, its technology is advanced enough to chat with you like a friend. You can share your mood and get insight on how you are doing.
  • Track Mood: Each week Woebot shows you how your mood changes on a graph so you can see what's up.
  • Give Insight: It can find patterns in your mood and behavior that are hard for humans to see.
  • Teach Good Practices: It teaches you various techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Help You Feel Better: Researchers at Stanford have shown that Woebot can help you feel better in 2 weeks or less. Read the published research findings here.
  • Available 24/7: Being a software, Woebot is available to you anytime you want to chat.
  • Learn From You Over Time: The more you chat with Woebot, it learns from you over time and can provide more useful information.

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