• Centralized information storage: WoundRounds is a service that allows care staff to gather all information via a handheld device at the bedside about a wound, including photos and treatment options, and store it on a single digital platform. Thus, looking them up later is an easy and fast process
  • Automated Care Recommendations: WoundRounds prompts best practice treatment solutions and automates clinically validated tools: The Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Ulcer Risk and the PUSH Tool for monitoring wound healing.
  • Risk & Liability Prevention: WoundRounds provides automatic reports required for quality and regulatory compliance, minimizing risk and liability. For example, WoundRounds users have the right tools to bring pressure ulcer prevention to a whole new level, reducing unnecessary cost, risk and liability and the threat of lawsuits related to pressure ulcers, the leading cause of lawsuits against health providers

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