Your GPSDoc

Your GPSDoc

Physician and advocate helping older adults and family caregivers navigate the healthcare system one step at a time


  • Multiple review services: You can get a review of your medications, an easy-to-understand color-coded guide to them, discussion of potential side effects, and identification of alerts requiring further discussion with your medical doctor. You can also get a review of outpatient and/or inpatient (hospital) bills, identification of potential errors, and assistance with filing insurance appeals. Or, you can get a review of your existing health insurance policy, detailed explanation of your benefits/coverage, and individualized recommendations (*optional: research and review of additional insurance options).
  • Interpretation of medical documents: You may not always fully understand medical jargon. In that case, get complete interpretation of physician notes and other clinical documentation, laboratory, and radiologic studies. You can get all these explained in clear, concise, lay terminology you and your family members can understand.
  • Help assembling medical team: Services include detailed research and recommendations regarding healthcare providers in your local area, including primary care physicians, specialty physicians, home care services, and adult day care facilities. Assemble your medical team. This product also helps in coordination between an older adult, their family caregivers, and the medical team, including but not limited to coordination of family meetings.
  • Help with assisted living: This product has research of area assisted living, rehabilitation and long-term care facilities including quality and safety data. It can prepare an easy-to-read spreadsheet with key information which everyone can read, and it can make recommendations based on you/your loved one’s unique situation.

How It Works

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Pricing Details

Depends on the service required