Mattress that lets you adjust the firmness on either side at the touch of a button



  • Dual firmness mattress: For older adult couples who differ on whether they need a firm mattress or a soft mattress for a sound sleep, this mattress offers the option to adjust the firmness on either side of the mattress to give you a dual firmness mattress.
  • Dynamic core: Adjustable firmness layer using Dynamic Air Technology available in single and independently adjustable double sizes — shapes to your unique body profile to give the exact level of comfort and support you need for a perfect night’s sleep.
  • Skin-adaptive smart fabric : Constructed from a luxurious cotton and polyester blend with Customood Technology woven into the material — responsive smart fabric adapts to the heat of your skin and balances temperature for effortless comfort.
  • Breathable Vitafoam 50mm Revo memory foam: Fourth-generation premium memory foam with Cool Sleep Technology introduces a revolutionary cool sleep concept that optimizes heat dissipation, transferring heat away from the body for a fresher, sounder sleep.
  • Open-celled Vitafoam 50mm Revo Comfort Layer: Full depth, extreme open cell structure with high porosity that optimizes airflow and improves breathability 30 times greater than leading viscoelastic mattresses.

Pricing Details

  • Single (90 * 190 cm):  £599.00/ $824.78
  • Double (135* 190 cm): £799.00/ $1100.17
  • Kingsize (150 * 200 cm): £899.00/ $1237.86
  • Super Kingsize (180 * 200 cm): £999.00/ $1375.56

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